How to survive

Dear freshmen,

I suggest you don’t let them lie to you. Freshmen year is hard, especially if you don’t have your head screwed on right. People struggle and if you are one of them talk to someone, stress does bad things to your mental health and can strain your friendships. Don’t let this scare you though, freshmen year is really fun. People complain about it all the time but that’s only because they made it hard for themselves and weren’t able to enjoy it. A strong word of advice; do your work, do your work, and do your work. Do not procrastinate because you’ll fall behind and it will absolutely suck. And if your hard on yourself like I am, I would also say that you shouldn’t worry about your ranking because that will make you sad. Instead focus on your GPA and make sure it’s good.

Make friends, have fun. This is the first year of your high school career and it actually goes by faster than I thought possible. Soon you’ll be out of here, make it the best thing year ever. There is going to be drama and stress (would it actually be high school without that??) I would just say that don’t purposely do things that you know will stir the pot. Be a good person and a good friend, your character is something you can control and it would be stupid to ruin it.

Another thing, high school does end. It may not feel like this but there will be life after high school and this isn’t a game. Take it seriously because this is what sets you up for the rest of your life. You hate school? That’s nice, get over it because no one actually enjoys school. It’s hard and not fair but it is something you have to do so it’s better if you get over it fast. And if you are in a bad place because of school or other things you need to talk to someone. Talk to someone you can trust and try to get help if it is possible because you are the most important thing.

This letter seems to be negative but high school isn’t. I have had the best teachers and made the best friends, those are things that I will never forget. Honestly this is a great time, an amazing tradition where you have to mature and have responsibility. But there’s so many things that are going to happen and I encourage you to make the best out of this year.


P.S. If you have Mr. Chamberlin please write down every funny thing he says because you will not regret it. And ask him about Hot Property, tell him Kennedy told you.


i remember when

You walked into my life

coincidentally riding a bike.

stuck behind a gate,

You were always late.

we swung around on wooden poles

always poking at uncertain holes

You walked into my home,

the smell of my hat everywhere you sat

You complain now, how i was mean.

we grew up to be teen

You walked into my heart

and i don’t know where to start

we had coke go up our nose

i think that’s just how it goes

standing outside windows

always acting like we’re foes.

You’re here to stay,

no matter what i say.

You accepted me fully

even when i acted un-cooly

we snuck and slid

there’s few things we never did.

we ran and raced

always trying to set the pace

You are the best,

beating all the rest.

I <3 democrats

The ground slick,

the boy quick,

He’s a butterfly with a broken wing,

falling, crashing, smashing.

The car scared.

Air silent, bodies still.

His elbow scarred, like his ego.

The yellow car. The ground hard

A bumper sticker was the last we saw.


Youth in Government

Last week I was finally able to see my work pay off, about seven weeks ago I joined a program through the YMCA to be in a program where high school kids make a bill and then get to go to a trip and present it. In the beginning I didn’t really think much of beside that it could be fun. My adviser, Jen, told us that we would stay at a hotel for two days and get to present our bill in a committee then on the floor if it passed. My partner and I chose to make a bill about having a set age for emancipation in the state of Ohio. Every Wednesday we would work on making rules and opening statements, things to help get ready for this conference. I was excited to do this but I didn’t think that it would be such a changing and amazing moment for me.

Getting to the hotel and being with my friends I could feel the energy and buzz, of course we couldn’t know what was going to happen because Noor, my partner Kyra, and myself had never been in this program before. The first day was full of speeches and introductions, there was a lot of practice for the days to come. That was probably the slowest part of the whole trip. Then we went into committee and everything had officially started, we started hearing people’s bills. If it was to pass it would go to the floor and then all the committees would vote on the bill. There were so many great bills out there, my personal favorite was a bill having an option to put your blood type onto your driver’s licences which could help reduce the waste of blood. After everything we would have some free time to walk around and get food or hang out. Hanging out with Kyra and Noor was so much fun, all we did was mess around and try to annoy each other as much as possible. Kyra and I’s bill did not pass but that didn’t influence how I felt about the whole experience,

I cannot wait to go back next year and do this program again, I will join the legislative branch again next year and I’m thinking about joining the judicial branch for my Junior year of high school. Kyra and I are already thinking about our bills for next year. I’m really glad I joined this program because it has made me realize that I do want to do something in government and that this is great practice. Being a senator was so much fun that it’s hard to explain, I honestly loved the whole thing. I think that if you ever get the opportunity to do this, you should do it. And I would like to really thank my adviser Jen because she spent her time fundraising for us and cared so much about us, she’s truly amazing.

My Family

I live at home with five other people, but I have other family that’s a constant in my life. At home there is my sister, my mom, my sister in-law, and my two brothers. My mom has always been there for me and did an amazing job as raising us even though she was a single mother. My dad and I aren’t really close but he’s still apart of my life. My siblings are a huge part of my life; from youngest to oldest it goes Daisy, Zachary, (myself), and Dristin. Most of the time they manage to put a smile on my face and brighten up my day. Growing up they were the bane of my existence but now we all get along pretty good. My mom works night shift so usually it’s almost always just us at home. My grandpa is another large part of my life and has always been there to support me, he’s always teaching me how to be a better person. When we found out he had terminal cancer it was hard but he’s getting the right treatment so that’s good. I also have Sarah, Jada, and Kyra/Angie who are basically family and support me in every step of my life. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the people that I have in my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Zach, myself, my sister in-law, Daisy, and Dristin

Zach as a baby

We were matching!!

Daisy and I four years ago

Daisy and I now

History of Homophobia

June 12, 2016 was a day that proved LGBT aren’t as far along as we thought we were. Homophobia is something that people experience daily based on their sexual orientation. It was once a law that if you were found out to be gay then you could be hanged, in World War II if you were gay and in a concentration camp you would wear a pink triangle to signify that you were gay, and people were put into mental asylums and were held against their will. The LGBT community has been targeted and oppressed for a long time.

Image result for protesters at gay pride parade Photo by Sigal Samual, All Rights Reserved

Homophobic things happen all the time, it’s not always as major as lobotomy; sometimes it’s driving down the highway and seeing billboards that preach anti gay. There are also conversion camps where you can “pray the gay away”, which its still legal in all states but restricted in some. Things like this may seem to be small and inconvenient but for a child who is struggling with their sexuality its major. They can feel lost and be afraid because people preach that what they might be is wrong and that they’ll be punished. This is a major issue that no one really recognizes because we’ve made large strides in the past couple of years. We need to recognize this and speak up against the stereotypes and against the hate.

And to the kid who is worried that they aren’t normal, you are loved and you are normal. To the kid who is afraid of themselves, do not let you hold yourself back from being happy and true. There are people that support you even if you don’t feel like it now. You don’t have to fit inside a perfect box either, you don’t have to figure yourself out perfect or label yourself.

by Infinity House, All Rights Reserved

How to comment

A comment on a blog is someone’s first impression of you. When you comment you should be specific so the reader knows what you’re referring to. And just because it’s specific doesn’t mean it hast to be short, try typing a couple of sentences. Another good idea for commenting is leaving a compliment, it will encourage the writer to keep blogging and make them feel good about themselves. Finally be positive, being positive is an obvious one that is self explanatory. Commenting is good way to make friends and meet new people.

A new book

It’s been a while since I have updated my blog and I’ve come back bearing a book review. I would like to tell you guys about my favorite book. I found this books through Instagram on a review page. This a an LGBT book and it’s called Twist and Shout. It’s found only online, it is beyond what I can describe. Basically it’s the 1960’s-so being gay wasn’t really accepted at the time. The main characters met at a party and fall in love and it’s the story of them. In this story there is many problems; for instance one of the main characters goes to war but he doesn’t come back the same. This book has effected so many things for me; milkshakes, Polaroids, Elvis, and beaches. I love how real this is and how it shows the struggle of gay men at this time. This book has changed my life entirely. My friends have all but banned me from reading this book again because I always end up a crying mess.

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